Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Tweetversary to Me!

One year ago today, I joined Twitter under the handle @captaincarey. I specifically made this account to follow and network with writers, agents, editors, and kidlit bloggers. The kidlit community is active, supportive, and engaging in so many forms of social media - but Twitter especially.

Here's what I've been up to in one year:
  • Followers: 396
  • Following: 399
  • Tweets: 432
  • Twitpics: 20
  • Listed: 21
Under 500 tweets in a year seems to be on the low side. I tend to follow other people's tweets more than I share my own 140 characters - and sometimes go days without twittering about life. But I still love picking up tidbits about the industry, getting to know small details about people's lives and likes, and reading my favorite type of post when it occasionally pops up (the "I got an agent!" post).

Another neat resource that I didn't realize existed is the almighty Twitter chat - some of them appear randomly, like #askagent, while others are scheduled, like the Tuesday night #kidlitchat (which is happening right now, btw).

If you're on the fence about joining Twitter, my advice is to jump in with both feet. Don't stick a toe in the water - take the plunge! Cannonball! Commenters, do you agree? And are there any essential writing folks you recommend following?


  1. Congrats Gina - I think you'll only continue to build on your tweets as you hone in on your twitter voice. It takes time. LOL! You are doing GREAT and keep at it. Love your advice about JUMPING in. My advice to people about twitter is to sign up and start playing around. It's the best way to learn and soon...they'll be addicted too! LOL!

  2. I agree. Twitter is so useful for writers. Not just for connecting with other writers/agents/editors, but also for finding information. I've read so many interesting articles/blog posts that I discovered through other peoples' tweets.

  3. Two years ago, I signed up for a Twitter account as a 6 month trial. The learning curve was steep for me, so I figured I'd be through with it as soon as my 6 months were over.

    To my surprise I started liking twitter a lot. The style of communication is so different from other sites and it is the best place to keep up with publishing news.

    Cannonball! Cannonball!