Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Goals

If you're just tuning in, here's the scoop on ROW80

I love new beginnings! Just like I love making lists. And the new year is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and reassess. I tend to make resolutions seasonally, but January is my favorite time to jot them down. It always feels like a fresh start. My birthday is also in January, so it's full of milestones and markers, and gives me a pretty forward outlook on the rest of the year.

I didn't get quite as far as I hoped with my middle grade manuscript last year, so I'm excited to kick off 2012 with a new set of ROW80 goals.

They are listed here. I thought I was being conservative last round, but still didn't end up completing my timeline. Hopefully I'm more on the mark with this set! A few awesome things are brewing this year already, and I can't wait to announce them!

Let's rock this ROW80 challenge. Who else is on board? If you aren't familiar with ROW80, read more here. There's still time to set your goals and sign the hell up!


  1. Absolutely love how you've got your goals organized! And I think you've figured out what works for you -- lessons learned from the last round, right? Best of luck, just keep pushing forward.

  2. I love how detailed your break down is. Best of luck with your goals Gina! I know you'll rock the ROW :)

  3. Nice list of goals. Very organized and to the point.
    Good luck!

  4. Great goals! I didn't know your birthday was this month. I'll have to get you a celebratory something at write night. Let me know which day it is!

    I'm hoping to get my manuscript to beta readers at the end of this month too. I hope both of us make it! :)

  5. Gina, I'm a January birthday too!! Let's rock this month with some amazing writing. You're so close to being all done with your manuscript. Like, wrapped up in a big red bow done. Cheers to a new year!

  6. Fantastic goals and I am sure with a busy December behind you, you'll rock this round of ROW80! And....Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Glad you've joined in ROW80 again. This is going to be a great round - everyone has solid goals to hit.
    ...Awesome things to announce? Exciting!

    I just adored the Calvin cartoon in your earlier post.

  8. Gina, I'm looking forward to reading your Middle Grade Monday posts. I write MG too.

    Good luck with ROW80 and happy birthday!