Monday, September 5, 2011

See, I Helped

My boyfriend (also known as The Scientist, or The Sci), just shared a Google Doc to-do list with me. We are taking a pretty lengthy trip to Italy in two weeks (!!!), and he's making like a Boy Scout and being all prepared. See if you can find where I started adding to the list...

Things to do before Italy
Copy and scan passports
Call CC companies
Find Italy adapter
Take Euros from my desk
Make itineraries for all cities
Put CSA on hold
Put mail delivery on hold
Write vacation note on Gmail
Train a squirrel to do cartwheels
Paint the couch yellow
Eat 500 jelly beans
Have a pillow fight
Floss our books

He's a sport, so I predict he won't revoke my editing privileges. Off to find some jelly beans!

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