Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Progress Report: Stick a Fork in Me!

Eight weeks ago I realized something. My approach to revising my manuscript was slow and tail-chasing - and I wasn't moving forward. So I set a deadline, and made a weekly goal to reach different chapters/pages. This meant no more going backwards, or reading my first chapter for the eleventy-billionth time. Instead, I jotted down any earlier changes that needed to be made in a notebook as I went along, and only moved forward.

Serious torture, yes - but this strategy really worked. Last night, after weeks of revising, I reached the last chapter. So I should feel like this, yes?:

Instead, I'm feeling more like this:

I'm technically not being punished for eternity since I chose to write this book and all... but I was hoping to get a glimmer of what doneness feels like. There's still SO much to do! Sisyphus be damned.

Instead of feeding myself chocolate all night at my pity party, I'm going to set some new goals. They are yummy ones, and look like this:

And to bolster my humor, I watched my favorite scene from What About Bob. Because how in the world is that bitty baby turtle going to eat that mean, giant strawberry? Baby steps, people! Baby steps :)

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  1. You've done a fabulous job with your revisions – your hard work def shows. Congrats on reaching your last chapter!!