Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fun With Camel Case

I have an irrational love for title case. Five days a week, when I show up to the office and put on my editor goggles, I'm like a title case hawk.

But some of the non-editorial folks I work with generally aren't the wordy type, and have interesting ideas about capitalization. So when a coworker showed me this site:

I nearly fell off my chair. It's the ANSWER! The truth!! And it reduces all the back and forth emails about titles in a snap.

The site also has a couple case options that might come in handy if you ever need to convert text. I never heard of camel case before, but I'm thrilled that it exists.

And as for "shortened" - well, that's just a nice, regular, correctly spelled word for the rotten, crunched, insulting thing kids these days call text speak. It's also called Textese, which is the most hideous word  I've ever scanned from left to right. Something inside me weeps a little when 'two' is replaced with 2. For the love of Scrabble! Why?!

So, in short -
Title Case:      Stop Hurting My Eyeballs with Text Speak, You Jerkface!
Start Case:     Stop Hurting My Eyeballs With Text Speak, You Jerkface!
Lower Case:   stop hurting my eyeballs with text speak, you jerkface!
Camel Case:   StopHurtingMyEyeballsWithTextSpeak,YouJerkface!
Shortened:      Stop hurting my eyeballs w/ txt speak, U jerkfac!
Password:      $+0p hU7+in9 mY e`/e6@!!$ 

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