Sunday, August 7, 2011

Long Lines and Summer Heat Won't Stop People From Seeing Antlers and Feathers

Every week I go to the MET. And then I eat a cupcake. This week in Cupcakes and Art:

When I showed up at the MET yesterday, there was a confusingly long line. It snaked around the museum, and into Central Park. Six or so frantic museum guards were working the velvet ropes. One told me that the wait to get inside was close to three hours. I hit my quota for long lines this summer, so I turned on my heel and was off.

As I headed into the park, a guy driving a truck stuck his head out the window.

Driver (in thick Jersey accent): "What's there an audition going on or something?"

Me: It's the last weekend of the McQueen exhibit.

Driver: Lady, that line is huge!

Me: No kidding. And it's hot out here.

Driver: Let me tell you something - that line goes all the way back to the bandshell. These people are nuts!

Then the light turned green and he took off.

Here's some coverage of the madness on Gothamist. And a couple more photos I snapped:

There are some things worth being "nuts" over - and this event is probably one of them. I got a chance to see the McQueen exhibit already, and it was terrific. But with a 3-hour wait, no cupcakes and art this week for me :)

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