Saturday, August 6, 2011

Savage Beauty's Fairy Tale Couture

Every week I go to the MET. And then I eat a cupcake. This week in Cupcakes and Art:
Savage Beauty

Part of the reason I go to the museum so often is for inspiration. There's no lack of it at the MET right now. I took work off one day to view one of the most popular special exhibits in the museum's history: Savage Beauty. Bumping through the crowds to catch a glimpse of Alexander McQueen's most gorgeous creations, I saw dark, complicated villains (hello crazy feather outfit!), sassy damsels, futuristic warriors...

I saw steampunk, dystopian, sci fi, and fairy tales.

I'm almost positive McQueen wasn't thinking of kidlit when he was designing. But like a writer, he was influenced by historical periods, life observations, and emotional truths. It was neat to see how all those things were expressed in a totally different medium.

The curation of the exhibit was amazing - and completely set the vibe. One McQueen quote really caught me: "It's the ugly things I notice more, because other people tend to ignore the ugly things."

After the exhibit, I got the Tropicalia from Cake and Shake:

It's a Tahitian vanilla cupcake with pineapple mousse and salted caramel frosting.  The pairing might sound a little strange (McQueen would approve!), but it's definitely the best Cake and Shake I've tried so far!!

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