Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm Totally Opening a Store Called "Thai Food and Sleds" in My Neighborhood

Central Park, Frozen-style
 You may have heard, a blizzard hit the northeast this weekend.

Before the snow turned into black mush, I had a keen idea today. How about some sledding in Central Park? My apartment is a few blocks away from a  hill that was made for sledding.

As someone who hasn't owned a sled since third grade, buying one ended up being more complicated than I imagined. My neighborhood lacks many things, like produce that doesn't look disease-ridden. And Thai restaurants. And sleds, I discovered today.

The Scientist and I ducked into about eight all purpose dollar-type stores, and even a Rite-Aid. They had suitcases, organizing bins, yoga mats, floor cleaner, toy lawn mowers.  But when we asked about sleds, we were met with confusion, and in every instance, derision.

 "Sleds? No."

Eyebrows were raised, eyeballs were rolled, and I'm almost positive someone did the cuckoo finger twirl as we left one store. It felt strange, like we were asking for illegal piranhas, or beach shovels in February. But one store did have beach shovels. In February!

My point is, if you're looking for a peach-scented candle or a pair of pink undies with the word "heartbreaker" written above the crotch in my 5-block radius, you're good. Sleds, no such luck.

We ended up going to the park anyway, and along the way we found a freshly thrown out cardboard box sitting in a snow heap. I've never been more delighted by litter in my life! We tore off pieces big enough to sit on, and The Sci even got to use the knife he keeps on his key chain to break apart a seam.

Everyone in the park had real sleds, of course. Plastic pinks and blues and greens zipped down the hill, along with giant tubes that could double as water floats. One kid road down on a giant goldfish.  I'm not sure where they got them, but our cardboard seats flew us down the hills too, despite being homemade. Or, trash-made. Whatever. There was a lot of falling over. S hit a tree once (for the record, the tree hit him back). And some snow went down my pants. But we laughed the whole time.

Some things that you do as a kid never lose their magic. Even if you're the kid with the crappy sled.

I'll be back next Monday with a MMGM pick. It's been awhile since I posted one, but I've read my butt off in the last month, and got through a few from my 2012 list. Can't wait to share my favorites!


  1. That sounds so fun! The last time I went sledding for real was when I was in college near Boston. Our campus had a huge hill, which was perfect for it. :)

  2. Glad to hear you made the best of the situation (both the snow and the less-than-perfect sled).

  3. I'm glad a cardboard box saved the day and you had fun. :)
    Will be looking forward to your MMGM.


  4. Such a fun post, Gina. :)