Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Holy smokes does time fly! It seems like yesterday that I was fumbling around with blog templates and trying to decide if and how and why I wanted to start up a kidlit blog.

But a whole year has passed, and the following things transpired:

I wrote 120 posts
          that have 508 comments
18 of which feature Marvelous MG Monday picks

My most popular post tested out a neat gender app
The runner up involves Tim Burton
My most commented post was my first book giveaway

My favorite thing about writing this blog has been connecting with other children's book writers and reviewers. I love getting a peek inside everyone's process, finding a good book recommendation, and learning tidbits about your lives.

I'm still getting the hang of this, and want to ponder a bit more about how I can use this blog to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way. I don't stick to a schedule, but might consider trying out a few blog challenges and memes. Any favorites out there? At any rate, the wheels will be turning on my end. And thanks for sticking with me this year! 

Birthdays and anniversaries usually merit cupcakes in my world, but books would be more appropriate here. I have a few shiny arcs and some middle grade favorites that I've been hoarding on my bookshelf for this very occasion, and I am excited to release them into the wild! I'll have more details about this giveaway on Monday, but here's a preview of some of the goodies I have for you:


  1. Happy blogaversary. And it looks like you have some fabulous giveaways! :)

  2. Hey Gina, Happy Blogaversary! Congrats on your accomplishments this year!

  3. Time flies doesn't. Happy Blogversary, Gina. :)

  4. happy blogversary!! so glad you joined the blogosphere :)

  5. Happy Blogversary Gina! It's been a pleasure meeting you and a lot of fun reading your blog. :)

  6. Happy Blogversary! How exciting! I have been blogging for a year and a half and it is amazing to take a look back and see what has happened over the past year. Sounds like you have had a lot going on. So glad I found your blog through Marvelous Middle Grade Monday.