Wednesday, July 11, 2012

5 Things to Swoon Over on the Web Today

You probably don't need more any ways to procrastinate, but wait, of course you do! I feel like I've struck internet gold lately, and must share some of my favorite new things:

1) Title to Come: If you are writing a book, have written a book, work in publishing, or maybe just like to eat books, then you will cherish this tumblr. My pal Ghenet was gushing over it on Twitter the other day, and my life has since changed for the better.

2) Sorted This Way: Hufflepuffs meet Lady Gaga, because why not? The video is a little racy for no reason, but the lyrics are nerdy and fun.

3) Harry Potter Characters in the Books Vs. Movies: Remember how awesome Hermione was all teeth and bushy hair in the Harry Potter books? So do the folks at BuzzFeed.
4) Beautiful Bookshelves: One of my new favorites on Pinterest -- middle grade blogger Jasmine Ko has a board with hundreds of drool-worthy bookshelf images.

5) SmartEdit: Stina Lindenblatt reviewed a program for writers that tracks the words and phrases and dialogue tags (and cliches) most used in your manuscript, along with other neat stats. I downloaded it the other day, and really enjoy torturing myself with it.

Happy Wednesday, people!


  1. Yes, SmartEdit is a tough form of torture. But it's worth it. :D

  2. "I'm in the right house, baby, I was sorted this way." Lol. too funny! I'll pass this on to my daughter who will love it.

    (Your first link goes to the Harry Potter Buzzfeed site, not the Tumbler site, which I'm curious to see . . .)

  3. Ohhhhh, the bookshelves are dreamy.

  4. @stina - totally worth it :)

    @kim - yikes! thanks for letting me know. i fixed it and also left a link to that tumblr on your blog. it's hilarious!

    @barbara - yes, they are. must make my dream of having a library come true!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out! I must check out the rest of these links. :)

  6. Loved the sorted this way video--wow do people put a lot of time and effort (and probably money) into doing spoofs! And, yeah, why is there so much sexiness in that video? I missed that descriptions of the Hufflepuffs in the books. LOL. Thanks for the great links!

  7. Thanks again for the shout-out this week! :)

  8. Got the Tumbler link, thanks Gina. i wonder how long it took someone to come up with all those perfect movie clips!

  9. I'm checking out SmartEdit right now!