Sunday, March 11, 2012

Progress Report: #amwriting

Happy Sunday everyone! I haven't checked in on my goals in a forever kind of way. But that doesn't mean I've been slacking. Just the opposite.

As of tomorrow, I will be handing my manuscript over to beta readers (eee!). And even more exciting, I'm 10k words into a new story. This has been super gratifying since I've been writing/revising my first WIP for three years now. Three years! That makes it older than both my nieces combined.

With my new work schedule, I've also picked up two freelance gigs. So let's just say my laptop is getting a hefty workout.

How about you all? Any milestones? Are you tackling your goals like a rugby player, or fizzling down toward the end of the challenge?


  1. Whoot! How exciting Gina. Hope you get awesome feedback from your betas.

  2. Cool that you got to the point where your MS is critique-ready. I always enjoy the break after I've handed off my MS to someone and I hope you do too.

  3. Super exciting news! Glad to see you doing well and back with us. Sounds like you have been doing fantastic during your sabbatical.

    Have a great week, Gina :)

  4. Yay! I'm so impressed with how productive you've been. I'm about a week away from sending my manuscript to beta readers as well and I've been working on this book for about the same amount of time as you! I cannot WAIT to start something new. :)

  5. Wow! Super-duper congratulations!!! Two new freelance gigs, 10K on new WIP, and old MS out the door. You are doing GREAT!!!!

    Great job Gina. I need a pinch of your focus. Hope you have another excellent week.

  6. so exciting!!! and NEW story?! Can't wait to read with the workshop group :)