Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Difference Between Young Adult and Middle Grade

Literary agent Kristin Nelson's new weekly video blog has been interesting to follow. It airs on Friday, and this week she covered a question that anyone writing kidlit wonders at some point: What Is the Difference Between Young Adult and Middle Grade.

Answered elegantly, yes? You can check out her original post here.

And speaking of middle grade - I'm happy to report that I'm plowing through my newly revised ROW80 Goals like an abominable snow monster. The kind that has a snow monster laptop.

For once, I'm on track to meet my revisions as scheduled. This is partly due to getting through the dreaded beginning (it consistently wins the award for hardest/worst part of my manuscript), and also from conference motivation. I recently attended the Writer's Digest Conference - which my lovely writing pal Ghenet sums up here. She attended sessions with Donald Maas, James Scott Bell, and NaNoWriMo's Chris Baty, and does a great job extracting the gems from their talks.

So yay to conferences, yay to goals, and yay to staying on track. Hopefully all this motivation will keep up! Happy writing this week to you all!


  1. well done on keeping on track - yay and happy feet - all the best

  2. Thanks for linking to my post! I'm glad to hear you're back on track with your goals. I've been getting a lot done since the conference too. :)

    I'm going to add that agent's blog to my google reader. Love the idea of video blogs!

  3. It's good to hear that you have been getting a lot done! Keep up the great work!

    I saw that video and it really helped me understand the difference between Middle Grade and Young Adult. But then you have the Harry Potter series which definitely starts as Middle Grade and ends as Young Adult. Confusing!

  4. Keep up the great progress, Gina. Revisions are a difficult business. Some days, I read and read and then think, 'I just don't know...'. Those days, I brew some tea, set my manuscript aside for an hour or so, and read something I consider to be 'exceptional' writing. It helps my 'ear' for my own writing.
    At least your tough part is in the beginning...better to get the difficult patch over first thing, right? Ha!

  5. I've never really thought about the difference between MG and YA, very interesting and I like her answer.

    Best of luck with the revisions!

  6. Your post reenergized me, and I'm going to spend some time checking out your video and link tomorrow when my brain is capable of taking it in!

    Hope your energy continues!