Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend at Blanco's

Every week I go to the MET. And then I eat a cupcake. This week in Cupcakes and Art:
Writing is something I try to squeeze in whenever possible, so I’ve ended up working on my story in some weird places – subways and laundromats and airplanes included. But the most fun place I’ve sat down to write? A reconstructed Spanish courtyard from the 1500s – or what I like to call the BEST OFFICE EVER!

For a change of scenery, I took printed pages of my WIP along with me to the MET and searched for a cozy corner to mark it up. I knew there were a couple marble benches in this particular room – the Patio from the Castle of Velez Blanco.  It’s a pretty big space, but it's as quiet as a library, and isn’t distracting or overcrowded. It's not ideal for working on a laptop, but was perfect for revising on paper. I got a lot of work done, and when I needed a break, I stared out at the marble wonders around me.

After I finished marking up my pages, I took in some sculptures (almost done with the purple section!), then headed to the trusty Cake and Shake truck.  This time I got the Hot Tottie, which the gal at the register said was her favorite.

It sounds terrific - almond cake with butterscotch mousse inside, then covered in toffee frosting . But not all cupcakes are winners. The frosting was amazing, but the almond extract flavoring was too strong, so the cake just tasted fake and chemical-y. Finally, I met a Cake and Shake cupcake I didn't like...


  1. How fun. Writing at the MET is a great idea! :) I should try bringing pages of my WIP to more unique locations sometime.

  2. Definitely fun! If you ever want to go on a weekend, let me know (I have corporate membership). We could also try mixing it up on Write Night and going somewhere fun. As long as the fun is better than LPQ's muffins ;)