Sunday, October 9, 2011

Row80 Goals Check In

Howdy partners! This week ended up being productive in small but significant ways. After declaring my goals on Tuesday, I still had a bit of housecleaning to do. Here's what my writing week looked like:
  • Sent notes to critique group on each writer's pages
  • Printed out first 50 pages of my manuscript
  • Organized my revising goals into weekly chunks
  • Organized revision notes, both from my critique group, and my own "changes needed" doc
So no mountains have been moved, but I'm moving along just the same. How did your writing week pan out?

Though it's not in my goals, I also ended  up completing a task I've put off for nearly two months - writing my blog bio. I've been thoroughly allergic to it, but in the spirit of getting stuff done, I deleted that annoying "Coming soon!" placeholder and slapped something up.

As for those weekly revising goals, I'll give you all something to hold me to:

Week 2   pages 1-25
Week 3   pages 25-50
Week 4   pages 50-80
Week 5   pages 80-110
Week 6   pages 110-145
Week 7   pages 145-184 

Instant accountability! Happy Rowing!


  1. Even if in small steps, going forward is what counts. Keep it up!

  2. I think moving mountains is overrated. Amazing pyramids were built one block at a time - which seems to be how we writers work toward brilliance, right? Bios are SO hard to write, so good for you completing it. Best wishes for the next week!

  3. You know, even getting things organized so you can get something done is important. Looks like you have some good editing/revising goals. Hope you get a good crack at them this week.

    As for the bio on your blog, it is often difficult to know what to say about yourself. I edited mine a few times after initially posting because it would occur to me that people might want to know "this" more than "that". The changes were mostly based on some basic questions visitors asked about me. I figured it was easier to just stick the info in the bio so people could find the answers for themselves!

  4. @juliana - thanks doll! that's a good reminder :)

    @julie - speaking of pyramids, i finished the cleopatra bio over vacation. it was fantastic! thanks for stopping by!

    @mistress - oh, i like your name! true about bios. i tend to be pretty laid back, so striking the balance between buttoned up professional and relaxed and natural isn't easy!!