Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey Venice, Where Are My Pants?

Because you seem to have charmed them right off of me...

Ciao from Italia!  I am smack in the middle of an amazing Italy trip. It's been fun and inspiring, as well as relaxing - the perfect kind of break for a hectic year. Internet has been scarce (hooray!), but I have some Wifi and will start dripping the posts I meant to plan out before I took off for Europe.

There seems to be two general views on Venice from travelers – heart-palpitating love and sour loathing. Before my trip to Italia, I heard passionate tales from both camps. I’m officially on team love. It took about 5 minutes of rolling my wheely suitcase to my hotel down the twisty streets to decide.

Sure, it’s pricy, and tourists are everywhere, and people are dying to rip you off, but that’s nothing new to a New Yorker. I'm enchanted by the windows. The windows! And the door knockers. And sitting by canals with gelato. And the sweet bridges. Even better, it's more magical at night.

And even better, better - it's the Biennale! Art and gelato posts coming up once I get back to the States.

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