Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello World!

Well, I done did it! I registered my name as a domain. I scoured google for blog templates. I put all my reservations in my back pocket, and just went for it.

Wait, reservations? About a blog? 

Yes, I haz them. Between my career (the 40 hour a week one), writing a book, and the occasional freelance project, I've wondered how I could possibly start up a blog without completely distracting myself. And time? It's precious, people! At this very moment, I'm writing a blog post instead of revising my WIP.

These two fantastic pieces also give convincing arguments why a blog is kinda maybe not so much the best thing always:
Yet at the same time, social media and writing blogs have inspired me every day. Not to get all Richard Simmons on you:
But since I started scribbling down my middle grade novel in March 2009, I've been carried through this insanely solitary process by the jazz hands of the blogosphere. When I obsessed over word count, or formatting, or pulled my hair out when I realized I wasn't supposed to double space after periods, there was always an answer. And just as often, someone who made the same mistakes and lived to joke about it.

At first it was just a little sparkle, urging me to join the conversation. A sudden inspiration, a link I liked, or a discovery about the process. I joined Twitter, which is really like the haiku of blogging... but always wanted to burrow a little deeper in social media - as well as my own literary jaunt.

This is exciting to me in the most silly way, given the thousands of fabulous blogs out there written by kidlit folks. Despite working at an internet company, I'm a pretty shy person on the web (nary a FB update from moi!). Aside from Twitter, my online presence is wallflower-y at best. Let's also file that in the reservations folder ;)

But in the words of Dr. Leo Marvin, it's all about "baby steps." And here I am, baby steps to my very first blog (w00T) post!

Until next time!

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