Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Visions of Revisions Danced in Their Heads

Some good tips from Query Tracker on revisions in this post:

I especially like this one:
"Know where you are weak. We all have weaknesses. And we all have strengths. We also have things that fall in between. For me, some of my weaknesses include overusing "that", not conveying exactly what I saw in my head, sparse setting, and too many metaphors. I was going to list some of my strengths, but feel really weird doing that, so we're going to move on to the stuff in between."
 I didn't realize half my poor writing habits until I:
- Read my WIP out loud
- Gave it to readers / a critique group for the first time
- Counted the number of times I typed "very" in a chapter

Writing self awareness has been key for me, and requires constant vigilance! It's the Mad Eye Moody way.

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