Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Writer's Treat: Amy Einhorn Opens Up

It's pretty rare to encounter a five-page interview on the internet that you'll want to read in its entirety -- but that's what I found the other day on Poets & Writers.

Check out this amazing interview with editor and publisher Amy Einhorn. You'll get the most forthright insight I've ever read on the editorial process, what it means to buy a book, and how the industry ticks. Enjoy!

Quotable Bite:
When you do your launch presentation and you say, “I love this book,” that’s almost completely meaningless to a sales rep. Every editor loves the books he or she bought. I know only a small portion of what the reps are up against, but related to the perception that everyone thinks that editors just read, a lot of what I do is sell. I have to sell the book to my reps, to publicity, to marketing, to booksellers, to reviewers.


  1. Sounds like a valuable interview! Thanks for the link and quote.

  2. Wow, Gina! I just read the entire interview. What a gold mine of information. Love her honesty. I actually knew some of this from working as an editorial assistant many years ago at what was then called Harper & Row, and from much more recently working as a bookseller. Our children's buyer would say to the reps, "Just tell me about me your top three picks. I'm not buying everything." It's a pretty brutal business.

    1. So glad you enjoyed! Was a really eye-opening read, but despite the harsh reality of it all, not overly intimidating.

  3. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out later. I can always use more insights on how the industry ticks.