Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Marvelous Middle Grade May Reading Challenge

Read me, Seymour!
Does your to-be-read pile look like this ----------------------------------->

Then check out the May reading challenge hosted by Deb Marshall.

I took that photo over the summer when I was overwhelmed by the unread books piling up on my shelves. Kinda like Gremlins, only they didn't need to be splashed with water to multiply.

Though I've made quite a dent in that monstrous heap, there are still so many stories waiting to be read. Good problem to have, yes. But how to prioritize?

This May, it will be all middle grade, all month for me and the rest of the people taking up this challenge. There's a hashtag (#middlegrademay). There are prizes. And there will be many pages devoured.

Are you in? Then get to tackling that reading list and sign up! My goals is to read ten fantastic middle grade books this month. How about you?


  1. Your big pile reminds me that I need to do the same--pull out all the TBRs on my shelf and put them in a separate area so I can SEE what I have to read!

    Have fun reading all of the middle-grade books this month! I hope you share your favorites with us. :)

    1. it makes a difference! i keep them together on my bookshelf now, so i don't forget them :)

  2. Sounds so fun! Although middle grade is my thing (as you know), I'm not in the challenge, but I'm cheering for all who are!

  3. Ouh!!! Enjoy!
    I see Spindlers and Grimm on there.


  4. I'm in! Egad, that's a huge pile of books. I recognize some of them...

    Hmm. I haven't yet set a goal, but you've inspired me to want to read 10 MG books too! Let's do it! I've already read three.