Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rocking The Drop!

Did you know April 18 is Celebrate Teen Literature Day? I tuned in late to a fun meme going on that aims to get stories into the hands of young readers - definitely worth checking out if you could use a smile.

You can learn about Operation Teen Book Drop here. And look out for #rockthedrop on Twitter, where people all over the country are sharing their random acts of giving by snapping photos of books they've left for a lucky someone to find and keep.

I'm a big fan of giving out free books, so this is especially neat to see. Will definitely be dropping my favorites all over Manhattan next year! Happy reading.


  1. When I first read about this on twitter I immediately thought of you and I was right. :)
    I hope you share pictures later if there are any.


  2. The teen book drop sounds like a cool event. And you know what else is a cool event...and that's World Book Night! Yesterday, I gave away 20 books to random people passing by through the plaza near my house. Lots of fun! I just had to come here and tell you. You seem to know about all the cool events that book lovers can participate in.