Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun With Board Books

Howdy! Before I begin, last year I found some terrific charities that focus on donating books to libraries and children. Do you have any favorites to recommend? Would love to update my list, and also find new places to donate during the holiday season!

Noodle, enjoying an Indestructable
I've been doing some book shopping of my own for my tiny nieces, Joey and Justine, also known as Noodle and Bean. Noodle is two now, and has graduated from eating books to making you read them to her again and again.

Bean still eats them, much like The Incredible Book Eating Boy.

It's been so fun to flip through the board book section in the kids department. If you're in the market for new baby reads, here are my favorite recent discoveries:

Isn't this artwork modern and gorgeous? Alice is just one title from the BabyLit series - a series that also include funky illustrated classics like 'Pride And Prejudice' and 'Jane Eyre.' So neat to see in picture book form!

Meeow is my new favorite cat. This is the type of illustration I especially adore, and the stories are super cute! Yay Meeow!
LOVE LOVE LOVE! 'My Friends' by Taro Gomi. Read it!! The story is sweet, and great for rereading.
And never fear -- since Noodle and Bean can neither work a computer or read on their own, this post is spoiler-free :)

Do you have some favorites to recommend? Please share in the comments!


  1. Your niece is so cute! My newborn likes "Where is Baby's Belly Button?"

    Speaking of books and charities, I came across the World Book Night info on the web site of my local bookstore, and I remember how you'd mentioned that before on your blog. Now I'm thinking about whether I should apply...though I'm not sure where I'd be passing the books out if I get selected...

  2. These books are too cute! I have fun browsing the board book section, too, for my nieces and nephews. Concept books are always so fun!

  3. Oh she is cute! :)
    My little lady is currently at the let me chew the book stage. But that's not going to stop me for buying her your wonderful suggestions.