Friday, November 9, 2012

World Book Night's 2013 Books

Have you ever wished you could be Santa Claus for a night, only you didn't have to live in a harsh climate or get stuck in chimneys? And since we love books around here -- you also got to exclusively hand out lovely, crisp, delicious new books?

Well my happy little elves, World Book Night announced their 2013 titles!! And there are a few young adult books on the list once again by amazing authors like John Green and Norton Juster.

I blogged about my experience handing out Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian to unsuspecting young readers last year, and I'm still warmed by the memory. Check out World Book Night, and spread the word!!


  1. I missed it this year but I want to sign up for next year!

  2. Yes! I did see that (maybe in Shelf Awareness?) and I'm thrilled that John Green's book Looking for Alaska is in there, along with The Phantom Tollbooth. I wish they would include more kids' books and more YA on these lists, but I guess most volunteers give them away to adults.

  3. I see a small handful of books I've read on that list. Some good picks here. I will revisit the web site again to learn more about World Book Night. It's a great concept.

  4. I see one book I might be interested in sharing but I need to find the right location first. I hope I do.
    This is such an amazing opportunity for non-readers and readers alike. :)