Monday, May 7, 2012

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: The Girl Who Could Fly

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TitleThe Girl Who Could Fly
Author: Victoria Forester (link)
Genre: Fantasy
Pub Date: February 2012

SynopsisPiper McCloud can fly. Just like that - easy as pie. Problem is, the good folks of Lowland County are afraid of Piper. So it seems only fitting that she leave her parents’ farm to attend a top-secret, maximum-security school for kids with exceptional abilities. School is great at first, with a bunch of new friends whose skills range from super-strength to super-genius. But something is awry at this school, and Piper may have to team up with a new enemy to get to the bottom of it.

First Line: Piper decided to jump off the roof.

When I saw this book sitting on the shelf at my local book store, I was struck by a triumvirate of awesome. First - the title. Yes, I want to read about a girl who can fly. Especially if, second, the cover has a scary lady hanging onto her foot. And third, there's a killer quote near the bottom by a little unknown author named Stephenie Meyer:
"It’s the oddest/sweetest mix of Little House on the Prairie and X-Men. I was smiling the whole time (except for the part where I cried)... Prepare to have your heart warmed."
Glowing endorsement aside, I have a weakness for superpowers. Because in general, they come with the good old trouble of being accepted despite what makes you different. And what kid hasn't felt different at one time or another in her life? In more ways than one, this story is about loving and accepting and believing in yourself - with many unexpected twists and turns in the plot that will keep you guessing along the way.

Why You'll Love Piper: Along with being fun and adorable and spunky, Piper's upbringing instilled a simple belief in her: that people are good. This belief sometimes gets her in a jam, but ultimately makes her a compassionate leader. And no matter how many people think her flying makes her a freak, she ultimately believes in her own goodness, too.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! And I haven't heard of this one, so thanks.

  2. I tried to read this once but couldn't get into it. Maybe I should take another look!

  3. I think the original cover (on the hardcover) wasn't as appealing as this paperback one.

    Haven't read this, although I've always wanted to, so thanks for the review, Gina!

  4. This looks fun, especially if it is a cross between Little House and X-men. Thanks for sharing, now on the to-read list!

  5. I read this one when it first came out. Fun, odd little book. Piper is great.

  6. Sounds like a sweet, interesting story! Great review. You make me want to read it now, even though I already have too many books on my to-read list already.