Thursday, April 26, 2012

World Book Night Recap

World Book Night - I can't even.

On Monday, I joined thousands of people across the world in handing out free books. I decided to go the random route and give my copies of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian to young adults in my neighborhood. I was the Santa Claus of books for under two hours, and hot damn did I like it.

The first book I gave away was right outside my apartment. A backpack-wearing guy was walking by at that moment, and I offered him a copy of my book. He accepted it shyly, then as he walked away, he started reading it. He was literally read-walking. I watched him do it for an entire block!

This is what 'read-walking' looks like

And things only went up from there. Everyone that I met and handed out books to was so gracious and excited. During my walk, I made a stop at my local parks and rec center - otherwise known as the place I run on the treadmill while listening to podcasts and the GNR song Night Train on repeat. They have a great teen program, so I dropped off a few copies for them:

Then finally swung by the part of Central Park near my house and handed off the last few copies to unsuspecting young adults. And because finding free stuff is fun, I left two copies on benches in the Harlem Meer with notes tucked inside:

This was an awesome experience on so many levels, and I can't wait to do it again next year. Anyone else have WBN stories to share?

Here's a post from Barbara Watson, who gave out copies of Because of Winn-Dixie this WBN.


  1. Very cool! I should definitely sign up next year!

  2. What an awesome idea! I love your book title. Makes me want to read it. And you just helped me confirm that real life angels do exist!

  3. I have this on the to-do list for next year. What an amazing experience!

  4. World Book Night was simply awesome! I blogged about my experience too and was able to attend a wind-up party at an indie bookstore in Minneapolis that hosted Kate DiCamillo and Leif Enger (both of whose books were part of the event). The whole experience was such a great thing.

  5. Gina, I don't think I could've been that brave. I would've gone to a school or a library and given them out. So you go, girl!

  6. It sounds like you had so much fun doing this. It feels good to be able to spread the love of reading to others, doesn't it!

  7. That is so wonderful!!! I love it! I want to do it next year!! So awesome that you participated, Gina!