Sunday, October 2, 2011

Italy by the Numbers

I'm back! And still glowing from a wonderful trip to Italia!!  Or is that just relief from not trudging around with a suitcase any longer?

Some sums from my vacation:

days in italy: 16
flavors of gelato tasted: 25
most miles walked in a single day: 12
major cities visited: 8
books read: 1 (hey, it was DENSE non-fiction!)
pictures taken: 500
miles driven: 495 (or 825 kilometers)
hotels: 4 (one was a farm that had 55 beehives and 7,000 olive trees)
train rides: 16
meals cooked: 3
trips to laundromat: 1
deceased writers' homes visited: 2
number of Galileo's fingers seen: 2 (plus one tooth)
visits to Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples: 2
Will post some highlights and writer-ly things of interest once I recover from jetlag, unpack, and sort through those 800+ work emails waiting for me ;)


  1. Sounds wonderful! I can't wait to her more about it. :)

  2. thanks girly! i'll post my flickr photo gallery soon. - GC