Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monk Scribe on a Dragon

Every week I go to the MET. And then I eat a cupcake. This week in Cupcakes and Art:
I've been taking the MET wing by wing, and currently I'm all over the purple-y section: European Sculpture and Decorative Arts.

One of my favorites is this little brass guy, a 12th century monk riding a dragon:

The actual symbolism of this piece (in this time period) is lost on me. It could mean many things. But as a writer, I took one look and thought: PROCESS

Writing is so solitary, and insanely up and down. And often times, you feel like the control you have over your own manuscript is as steady as dragon thrashing around.

But then there are those moments when you are in complete control. You're on schedule. Your critique group loves your stuff. You're like this calm, cool monk perched atop a dragon as though it's a chair at your favorite cafe.This guy seriously has all the wild beasts in writing tamed. At least for now.

During my last couple visits to the museum, I stopped by to say hello. He's turning into my writing mascot. I'm also possessed by a question. What in the world is he writing? Because he's been writing it for centuries.

After conquering half the purple-y section, I headed to the Cake and Shake truck and got the Heaven Split - a banana cupcake with chocolate hazelnut mousse filling, and caramel frosting:

The banana taste is most dominant, and it was best at the chocolate-y middle, when you had the combo of caramel, mousse, and banana. On a scale of 1-Tropicalia, I give it an 8. Definitely would have it again.

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