Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cupcakes and Art on the Road: Tim Burton at LACMA

I was in San Diego over the weekend, so a trip to the MET wasn't in the stars. Instead I took a lovely Surfliner ride up the coast to see my bestie Jessica in LA before she took off for two months in Johannesburg. The majority of our four hours together was spent in traffic, but we did make it to the spectacular Tim Burton exhibit at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Here's Jess, striking a pose outside the exhibition:
 They had unique movie props on display, like this topiary from Edward Scissorhands.

As well as almost 200 of Burton's private sketches, movie notes, and letters. I was really drawn to this character, who showed up a lot:
I've always appreciated the creativity, wit, and playful darkness in Tim Burton's oeuvre, but never with this much detail. Sure, I've seem Batman and Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas, but taking them in all together really connects the dots and showcases the color and vibe of his work.
There's quite a row of food trucks outside LACMA, but most were of the savory sort, and didn't sell cupcakes for a post-museum sweet. Maybe I'll grab two this Sunday when I return to Cake and Shake and my normal MET excursions :)

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